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Thread: Questions about Toyo 810M

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    Questions about Toyo 810M

    recently I got a Toyo 810M camera, the older tan version.
    The camera had several problems. The front standard was very loose. It turned out the former owner overtightened the knob for shift and swing movement of the front standard. So hard that in fact the lower metall part that clamps the standard to the rail was bent!
    After I managed to straighten that part, the standard locks down better, but it still doesn't seem ideal. I checked the service manual that I found online. In the exploded drawing, I can see that all parts are at the right place. I found that the zero detents can be adjusted- loosen their screws, shift the detent a little and retighten. But that way the swing movement was really hard.( In fact after some use the two zero detents on both sides even broke).
    It seems one has to tighten the frontstandard really tight, otherwise it will move on the rail. This is unlike the other movements that are more precise. When loosened to move the standard on the rail for a different lens, it seems to have too much play also.
    Is all that normal with this camera, or how could it be improved?

    Another thing, the groundglass slides a tiny bit underneath the brackets that hold it down. Had there be shims in place, that I no longer have. Or did Toyo fit the groundglass without shims?
    It also came with a fresnel lens that sits in a separate groove under the ground glass. It seems factory original. The grooved side of the fresnel will go towards the groundglass, correct?
    So much for now.

    Thank you for any suggestions.

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    Re: Questions about Toyo 810M

    Pjotr, I'm going to assume you're in Europe.
    Try calling MAC Group in NY, 914-347-3300.
    They have distribution networks in Europe, and can point you to replacement parts.

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