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Thread: Stream Deck Users?

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    Stream Deck Users?

    I just watched a 7th grade teacher showing how she uses Stream Deck to simplify and speed up her responses for online education

    It was made for video gaming, but is customizable to many complex tasks, Photoshop, video editing, video streaming and...

    There are other similar devices, basically a programmable switcher

    Any users?

    I never play computer games

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    Re: Stream Deck Users?

    Old post but figured I'd respond because I have one. It's very a versatile device. It has a lot of built-in integrations, mostly with gaming software but also others. You can manually set buttons to key combos on a basic level, and create custom icons to display for each button. There are also a lot more community-made plugins that can integrate with stuff even like being able to send REST API commands, which I use to control certain smart home devices.

    Though admittedly I don't use it ALL that often, though it sits on my desk. I mostly use it to control different smart light scenes. Though I do have it also set to key combos I always forget for doing screen recordings for games.

    I think you should be able to download the Streamdeck software even without the device and look at all the plugins (called "Actions" I believe) to see what kind of stuff it can do.

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    Re: Stream Deck Users?

    I never bought one

    my only usage would have been making videos

    not doing that anymore

    well maybe a video slideshow with voice over

    the few I have made were private for adult grandchildren

    which included my experience in times of civil unrest

    maybe they listened

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