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Thread: Lens Separation Repair

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    Lens Separation Repair

    Hi Gang,
    I have a Heliar 21cm, that has slight separation around the edges that doesn't affect the image (in so far as I can see).
    I am interested in having the element re-cemented by someone reputable who specializes in this sort of repair. I'm in the US/East Coast, however as the lens is some what of a rarity, I don't mind shipping out.
    Just want to take care of the lens for the next generation, if possible

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    Re: Lens Separation Repair

    I can help you with that, assuming the lens can be easily removed from the cell. Shoot me a message. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Newly made large format dry plates available! Look:

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    Re: Lens Separation Repair

    In my case both front and rear element has the len separation problems. I heard boiling water can do the job but I wouldn't risk doing it on my own. Any help?

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    Re: Lens Separation Repair

    Someone is telling you fibs.
    Heat transfer would be far too quick, create substantial temperature gradients and result in internal stresses that lead to cracks. Gentle air warming is OK but unlikely to do the job.
    Organic solvent (zylol/zylene/acetone) is the safe way to do it- but many weeks of immersion are often necessary. There is always a small risk of damage to the lenses as many early glass types can devitrificate.

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