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Thread: For well-heeled camera scanners:

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    May tomorrow be a better day.

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    Re: For well-heeled camera scanners:

    Well, as for me I will never see any difference

    Mine eyes have always been lousy


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    Re: For well-heeled camera scanners:

    A friend of mine works for a chip manufacturing company. Computer chips. He's a C level exec. On our drunken backyard get togethers, he would say things, "oh photo tech is pretty cool huh?" All those expensive cameras and stuff. Then he would whisper "you should see what we sell to the government, makes these cameras look like toys"....

    I'm sure they are for the purpose of killing people. He laughs at the consumer grade night vision and those helicopter chase videos on the news. The vision tech he talks about is way over my head but I guess it trickles down to consumer cameras.

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