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Thread: Economical Continuous Lighting

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    Re: Economical Continuous Lighting

    LEDs have come a long way in the last 10 years. If using commercial or household LEDs for color photography, there are 2 specs to watch: CRI and R9. Any LED with a CRI >90 should be ok for color photography, but most LEDs are weak on the Red spectrum, so they have another spec they give out that measures the red output, the R9. Higher the better.

    I would recommend getting panel lights designed for office use, they come in 24x24", 12x48" and 24x48" (24x24 is most common now). I also suggest buying as many as you think you will ever need, from one batch. Make sure you pick them yourself off the pallet, if possible, so they are sequentially-made. They change components quite often in these, if you get lights from different batches the color might not match. And of course don't use shutter speeds over 1/60th or so, possibly 1/125, to ensure each photo captures several cycles of output from each LED light (they mostly run over 5,000 cycles per second now, so this is less of a problem these days).

    If doing portraits, halogen lamps are still better because of the high output in the infrared-red range, which is the weakness of LEDs.

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    Re: Economical Continuous Lighting

    Jody, thanks for the tips. It's interesting that halogens are still preferred and thank you for the tips on flicker and shutter speed. Maybe I can supplement the LEDs with warmer light.

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