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Thread: HELP - Crop Printing..

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    HELP - Crop Printing..

    Sorry guys but I must be stupid...

    I want to make test stripes an an A4 Sheet to see what the print looks like with printing size e.g. 40 x 60 inch.

    Please tell me how I can realize this in PS.

    all the Best Michael

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    Re: HELP - Crop Printing..

    Open a new document, with select tool copy and paste slices of the image into the new doc and print it.

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    Re: HELP - Crop Printing..

    Frequently the larger print will have slightly different contrast. Probably from some flare due to the big enlargement. Also, on can calculate the new exposure at the larger size, but test prints are still needed to zero in on the exposure.

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    Re: HELP - Crop Printing..

    I have done this as follows:

    1. Work with a copy of the image file
    2. Change the size to the desired output if you were printing the full image (in your case, 40x60 inches)
    3. Crop the image to include only the strip you want to print
    4. Print the test strip.

    You might want to ask a mod to move this to the "Digital Proccessing" section, to avoid any confusion about your workflow.

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