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Thread: Donald Ross Photography

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    Re: Donald Ross Photography

    Quote Originally Posted by Pieter View Post
    Thanks for posting. I really enjoyed the book. I was surprised and delighted to see the lead photo was of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala from 1970. I was there in the early '70s as the assistant on a travelogue about Guatemala. Did your father ever make it to Chichicastenango?
    Pieter, sorry, I don't have the answer.

    Thanks everyone for your comments. These prints were all from the estate of Dody Weston Thompson. They fall short of showing the breadth of my father's work, lacking many of his favorites. However, several hundred are in museum collections, and occasionally appear in exhibitions and auctions.
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    Re: Donald Ross Photography

    What tremendous vision! I see where you got it from.
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    Re: Donald Ross Photography

    What a beautiful book and tribute to your father.

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