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Thread: Harrison Jumbo Film Changing Tent - Sticky

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    Re: Harrison Jumbo Film Changing Tent - Sticky

    I have 10 - 12 years on a Harrison tent and it's fine - I leave it set up most of the time. I have plenty of space to hide it under one of my wife's full size grand pianos. (Yes, she has more than one - she's a retired concert pianist and teacher.) Biggest issue I have is the cat napping in it it if I don't sort of close it a bit. I do vacuum it out occasionally.

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    Re: Harrison Jumbo Film Changing Tent - Sticky

    Quote Originally Posted by Fred L View Post
    I have a sticky tent (and focus cloth) as well and am at the point where I'm tempted to use solvents on it. nothing to lose really, but it could mean having extra poles tempted to buy the Chinese eBay tent if I get another one. Have a cotton Shadowbox which I really like, but it's not as large as the jumbo harrison (which works well for 7x17)

    I have tried numerous cleaners with just a little success. I have sprayed the outside of mine with a clear acrylic spray and it has made it less sticky and at least at this point doesn't seem to have affected the material. And by keeping it out the smell of the acrylic spray seems to have dissipated. So the acrylic spray helps a little although I certainly don't know the long term effects. I have one of the Chinese versions also that has worked well over the years and the material used seems much different than the Harrisons.

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    Re: Harrison Jumbo Film Changing Tent - Sticky

    Any fabric urethane coating rolled up tight, especially in humid conditions, breaks down and becomes sticky over time. And just like its main ingredient, it starts smelling like piss when decomposing. Film tents, camping tents, raincoats, makes no difference. I use thin polyethylene liners inside my film tents anyway, on those rare occasions I still use them. I checked one of my Harrison tents a year ago and it was still OK.
    A much more expensive tent - a Bibler expedition tent, mostly patented tri-layer Goretex, but with a urethane-coated nylon floor, had gotten sticky. I polished off all the stickies with an auto paint rubbing compound, rinsed that off well with denatured alcohol, then recoated it with another product from the auto store intended for vinyl and leather restoration. It seems to have worked, but I wouldn't necessarily recommend the same chore for a film tent, where nearly all the fabric is urethane coated.
    If my liner bag idea doesn't work, then the film tent's useful life is probably over. If the urethane breakdown is just starting, and not peeling yet, then camping stores like REI sell special liquids for rejuvenating urethane coatings.
    I wouldn't personally buy anything like this Chinese-made without doing homework first - they tend to so heavily saturate their coated fabrics with phthalates that there's a high risk of skin rash, and gosh knows what risk to film itself. In any event, invert the bag and air it out for several months before use. Better, buy another Harrison. You get what you pay for.

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