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Thread: Agfa Duoscan Hid in 2020?

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    Agfa Duoscan Hid in 2020?

    Hello Everyone, this is my first post, I just registered.

    I just received a very old Agfa Duoscan Hid for a few pennies, I should equip a pc with a scsi card to make it work and try it.
    I ask to those who own it or have used it in the past, does it still make sense in 2020?
    Is it worth equipping and possibly spending a few more pennies on accessories?
    I have seen on old threads that many own the t2500, are there any substantial differences? I specify that the use is home and not professional, mainly for 35mm negatives. Thanks everyone in advance

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    Re: Agfa Duoscan Hid in 2020?

    Any luck?

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    Re: Agfa Duoscan Hid in 2020?

    I don't know anything about scanners, just wish you well - and welcome to this forum. Surely someone can offer some information about the Agfa Duoscan HiD?

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    Re: Agfa Duoscan Hid in 2020?

    Is the scanner supported by Vuescan?
    May tomorrow be a better day.

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    Re: Agfa Duoscan Hid in 2020?

    According to the spec sheet for that scanner it doesn't seem to have any really compelling specs that make it better than a modern scanner. Is it really worth it to deal with the old hardware for that? If it was a drum scanner or high end scanner it might be a different story.

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