It appears that basic enlargers are pretty much valueless these days, and one can find a 4X5 2D (or similar) for nothing, or next to nothing.
This might be because these were hugely popular at one time and are well proliferated and commonly found.
For whatever reason, Heiland never had a chance to produce a cold light LED for this specific enlarger design.
The 2D is a simple, straight forward design, and Heiland made installing the LED as simple as can be - The LED module literally takes the place of the condenser, and sits immediately on top of the negative carrier. There is no modification needed, a true plug and play solution.

You can leave your conventional omega light source in place if you want, but for anyone who wants to gain that additional 10" or so head room, the whole light source and head may be removed entirely. The LED and top plate of the enlarger head have enough weight press down firmly on the negative stage and provide a solid seal.

You can find all the details here:

At the moment, CatLABS has two complete 2D machines in stock, which we will offer for FREE (for the cost of shipping, or free pickup in Boston) to the first two people who order this 2D LED unit.

Note: each Heiland LED unit must connect to a controller unit (sold separately):
1. Classic VCCE Type variable contrast BW controller (use with your existing timer)
2. Classic Dichroic C/M/Y color controller (use with your existing timer)
3. Heiland SPL Split grade computer/timer/analyzer (complete standalone system, replaces existing timer)
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