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Thread: Educational Resource Lost..... Bruce Barlow

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    Educational Resource Lost..... Bruce Barlow

    A little while ago Richard Ritter offered up the last copies of 'Finely Focused' by Bruce Barlow, for a charitable donation

    Thank you Richard Ritter and especially Bruce Barlow aka the author, who has passed on. Rest in Peace

    I just started reading it

    It really is the best 'how to' I have seen, with extensive detailed tips on endless problems any beginner incurs

    His advice on tray development is so detailed, even I may be able to do it his way

    No I am not going to copy and post his CD which is a PDF, Copyright Lives!

    but losing this data to time is a crime

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    Re: Educational Resource Lost..... Bruce Barlow

    I still have a few copies left for this year use. As thing are going I will probable releasing next years allotment the same way.

    Send me a check for $25 made payable to the Vermont Center Of Photography they are a non profit.
    Richard T Ritter

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    Re: Educational Resource Lost..... Bruce Barlow


    My copy of Finely Focused just arrived. Highly recommended. This is a GREAT resource and a nice way to benefit the Vermont Center of Photography.


    Francis Fullam

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