Hello there. Been away from the forums for quite a while, but I'm back now.

Let me give you a bit of context:

Five years ago I borrowed a Mentor Studio Reflex from a teacher and I've been in love with the camera ever since. This camera is an SLR and I loved the idea of being able to focus with the film already in place. It's great for portraits because you can focus at the last second, just before opening the shutter (which is an in-camera Focal Plane shutter, something I also like because it allows me to use barrel lenses). The camera can also sync with flash (although at a very modest 1/5th of a second). The film holders also take glass plates, which is something that I'm very interested in.

After five years of dreaming about it, I finally bit the bullet and got one! I'm loving the experience so far. The camera has some quirks for sure, but I feel that, for what I like to shoot, the advantages outweigh the bad things.

That said, since this camera uses 9x12cm film (slightly smaller than 4x5), some things are hard to find, namely:

- Color film. Can't find it anywhere. B&W is no problem, but color...just nowhere to be seen. Maybe no one is producing this size of color film anymore, I have no idea. Other than scouring ebay for expired 9x12 color film or buying 4x5 sheets and cutting them to size, I'm out of ideas. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

- Enlarging. It's hard enough to find a 4x5 enlarger these days (and I'm not shopping for it right now but will eventually want to get one), let alone a 9x12 mask for these negatives. I assume there's no other way other than making one myself out of black construction paper or something like that. Doesn't sound too hard but never really tried anything similar. Again, would like to ask if someone has had any sort of similar experience.

- Scanning. Again, still don't own a scanner but will get it eventually. I'm thinking a flatbed like Epson V700/750/800/850 again using some custom holder to scan these 9x12 negatives. Any thoughts?

Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance for any input.