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Thread: Hello from Detroit

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    Hello from Detroit

    Hey guys, I've never photographed with LF cameras but I recently saw some dry / wet plate photography and that peaked my interest. I'm here to learn as much as I can 😃

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    Re: Hello from Detroit

    Welcome aboard brokenshutter!

    Plenty to learn and we'll look forward to your contributions once you jump in. A very good place to start to get a basic understanding of what goes on here & what we do is to read through the Home Page

    You may also want to add your general local to your Profile, in your case Detroit. It helps you & others to reach out to one another & can lead to great meetups & outings down the road.

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    Re: Hello from Detroit

    Hi! I've not tried either myself, but they seem like interesting techniques. Have you seen this tutorial on wet plate photography ? It's worth a read if you haven't.

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    Re: Hello from Detroit

    Welcome. I joined over the weekend and feel like I'm learning a lot from exploring old posts/photos. There's quite a lot of detailed info here. Enjoy.

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    Re: Hello from Detroit

    I agree with the group, you have a bit of a learning curve ahead of you. I know I still do and I am a couple of years ahead of you. Wetplate is not a walk in the park. You really can’t learn it from the forums alone, and the investment is not small. If you have no experience with LF you might start with a junker MF camera which works just fine for 2” plates. I would suggest a workshop, many are out there but well worth the cost, you will save that and more in time, and chemicals.
    With regard to LF gear, please read the info page as recommended. But I would also recommend Mat Marrash’s YouTube videos under Large Format Fridays they are very good and worth going through.
    As a former Detroiter I wish you luck.
    I believe there are a few Detroit Wetplaters I am sure you can find them on instagram.

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