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Thread: What small lightweight lens for 4x5 backpacking?

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    Re: What small lightweight lens for 4x5 backpacking?

    Quote Originally Posted by Alan Klein View Post
    Otto, I see you use Chamonix holders as I do (I use 4x5). Have you figured out a good place to stick notes on them as to type of film, labelling, etc?
    I have a cut memo sticked on the reclined part at the top of the holder, which holds pretty well, where I have written my film type. What I did during shooting I write on an separate memo and stick it on the slider itself. But I miss a bit the dial with numbers inside the filmholder which are exposed during the shoot, so that you can easily write down per number what you did in every take. They came in the most recent filmholders from Fidelity which closed automatically with a click system. Can’t find them anymore on the market.
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    Re: What small lightweight lens for 4x5 backpacking?

    Quote Originally Posted by John Layton View Post
    Daniel, my Feisol model # is different from yours. At any Feisol continues to perform well in the cold, wet, etc. - both here in Vermont and along the Maine coast, where it occasionally finds itself partially submerged in cold seawater. I admit that my Gitzo 1375CF is a different animal, but also much heavier and so not relevant to this thread.
    Oh, please do not misunderstand me. I actually like the Feisol thing already. Once I have nailed or soldered the ball head to the tripod plate and the tripod plate to the tripod, it will be a very stable and light solution. It is definitely strong enough for a Horseman 45FA or 45HD with its 2kg weight. Neither the tripod itself nor the tripod head were expensive. Maybe I use knurled screws instead of grub screws, then I don't need any tools in case something gets loose. - Maybe "light weight" also means that you have to tinker with something.

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    Re: What small lightweight lens for 4x5 backpacking?

    Tripods are of course necessary but heavy, I reduce as much weight as I can where possible. The one thing I need to look at is my rucksack, it is a 15 year old Berghaus that is heavy but comfortable. Can anyone recommend a 65ltr+ rucksack that is light but comfortable?

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