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Thread: Schneider Symmar S 210 5.6 help

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    Drew Wiley
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    Re: Schneider Symmar S 210 5.6 help

    This has a gold rear barrel, not front one, so how can that possibly equate to any legitimate limited edition tweak?

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    Re: Schneider Symmar S 210 5.6 help

    Drew don't think it is, and you are right it most definitely is a mismatch

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    Re: Schneider Symmar S 210 5.6 help

    Glad you made a good deal. This has me intrigued. Can you measure the size of the rear gold cell - diameter, height? Perhaps show some close up photos? Is it simply a rear cell that has the black paint removed to reveal the brass finish? Is it a cell from another lens? Photos would help resolve these mysteries.


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