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Thread: Screen DT-S 1030ai Software

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    Screen DT-S 1030ai Software

    Greetings all,

    I recently purchased a Screen DT-S 1030ai from a seller in my state for $400, which, from what I've read, seems to have been a good deal. Unfortunately, the scanner came without the necessary software or computer loaded with it. Would anyone have or know where I could find a copy of the software for this oldie? For some background, this is my first scanner, and, after looking at listings, I couldn't find a good reason to spend well over the price of this Screen for something half the quality.

    Also, I've heard mixed sentiments on the negative scanning capability of the 1030, and I wanted to get a bit more insight into peoples' opinions on that matter. Not that negative scans would impact me much anyway: I mainly work with transparency.

    Thanks for the help

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    Re: Screen DT-S 1030ai Software

    Hi, there is a forum for that scanner on, it has all the info plus software for download. You will need an apple powermac g3 or g4 (with adaptec scsi card).
    There's also a group there for the bigger version of that scanner, the dts 1045. that group is a bit more active. So you could ask questions at both places. The two machines are quite similar. Negative scanning is possible but takes a bit of experience. Also always convert the 8 bit files to 16 bit before processing, regardless what others might say.
    Good luck!

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