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Thread: Beseler 45MCRX motor struggles when raising

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    Re: Beseler 45MCRX motor struggles when raising

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    Beseler started with the MCRX, M motor, C color filter drawer under condensers, R Resistrol, X for, Extra something. These started out in the 1950's, one clue is if the cord set and plug in for the switch ARE NOT 3 PRONG, i.e. not grounded. You have a 60 to 70 year old enlarger.
    It has MCRX on the motor housing, and two-prong AC - so it is the ancient version. No springs mounted external or hidden inside carriage tubes - I found an ancient manual with parts views.

    To clarify a little - the carriage has been completely removed from the frame - there is no influence from a gear/rail offset - when turning the manual control, there is only the gearbox and the shaft inside the lower carriage tube, and oddly, it turns harder (slightly) in one direction vs. the other.

    I'm going to degrease the gearbox, re-lube, and reassemble - probably will be about the same, but had time to see if it could be tweaked :-)

    Thanks all for the information

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    Re: Beseler 45MCRX motor struggles when raising

    once you have it appart you can see if the gear shaft is gunked up, maybe a shaft bearing or maybe even a bent shaft. with some new grease n a good cleaning Ill bet it will work out just fine. These things are very simple with not much to go wrong.

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