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Thread: Massive Dev app

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    Re: Massive Dev app

    Quote Originally Posted by drew.saunders View Post
    You don't specify your developer, but if I use the web page, and allow all developers, I notice HC 110 dilution B has both a 7.5 and 5.5 minute listing. Hopefully this URL gets the search for you:
    Anyway, what the web page offers, that the app may not, is the "notes" column. The 7.5 minute version has "note 29" which the 5.5 does not. Note 29 is:

    Note [29] Data is taken from a previous version of this film. Starting point time should be similar.
    Yes that is the developer and that note is in the app

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    Re: Massive Dev app

    Quote Originally Posted by otto.f View Post
    ‘he’? I think Pieter misunderstood. I was only talking about developing times for film. I need harder films for my enlarger with Led lights than I used to need for my condensor enlarger. This is not relevant for printing times but for gradation of the paper
    That would be such a personal variable it would be pretty impossible to include it in such a chart. Light source, condenser/diffusion, lens choice, paper, personal taste--the individual needs to take so many factors into consideration and compensate if necessary. You can't expect someone else to do your homework.

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