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Thread: Review of new Ansel Adams book!

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    Re: Review of new Ansel Adams book!

    I just wanted to say this was an excellent review, and caused me to order the book. I thought your explanations and survey of the content was excellent and the use of linked images from Ansel Adams collections to add to the review as a whole. I'll peruse the rest of your site.

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    Re: Review of new Ansel Adams book!

    Quote Originally Posted by goamules View Post
    Mark, I don't know if I told you, but I went to the estate sale of the UofA president that set up the CCP. I got a Leica camera of his (no doubt recommended by Ansel Adams), and several Adams books, inscribed by the author to him. I'm keeping them as a little set of the important Arizona connection between the two.
    That was Dr. John Schaefer, right?


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    Re: Review of new Ansel Adams book!

    Oh hey,

    I stopped getting e-mails from this thread, thought it was dormant!

    Yes, I did put up another post on Ansel--actually two.

    The first is "Was Ansel A Landsape Photographer?" at

    and--this is for Ansel nerds only--an annotated list of every mention of Ansel in the New York Times in the 1930s:

    That one is actually kind of cool--you can sort of trace the development of Ansel's reputation and photography's standing in the world. I'm almost finished with the 1940s version of that post--will post that next week.

    More book reviews on the way, too...I'll probably post something here if there is a big LF element to them.


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