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Thread: Cordless telephone for darkroom

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    Re: Cordless telephone for darkroom

    If you have an iphone, you can use the color filters feature to set the iphone to only output red light. This is done by going into settings > Accessibility > Display & Text Size > Color Filters. You can then set the accessibility shortcut on the phone (triple click home button) to toggle this red light only mode, in Settings > Accessibility > Accessibility Shortcut. I do this whenever I am in the darkroom, and with this on, and brightness at minimum, I have never noticed issues with fogging.

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    Re: Cordless telephone for darkroom

    Quote Originally Posted by Vaughn View Post
    And definitely no fu****g TV!
    A professional printer with endless stacks of work l know had many very boring print sessions, so he took an old CRT portable TV, and covered the screen with a heavy layer of rubylith so he could at least glance at the news channels while he worked... (I'll pass...)

    For a fone, I'd be tempted to make an extension with a conch shell, and some string, ala "SpongeBob SquarePants"... (I don't take calls in the lab, too distracting"...)

    A famous bar on Melrose Ave in LA is called "The Darkroom"... Great name, because if anyone calls, tell 'em I'm in the darkroom, call later... ;-)

    Steve K

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    Re: Cordless telephone for darkroom

    An old rule is to never return to a bar, if somebody calls you there, get up and leave ... now, use the back door

    Same rule works for Darkroom

    and I no longer answer any phone

    for decades
    wear mask or NOT

    is ???

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    Re: Cordless telephone for darkroom

    RE the "darkroom/bar" - A favorite ritual after a long day of printing - I often will bring a small snifter of bourbon down to my darkroom to enjoy as my prints are going through their final wash.

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