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Thread: Seized lens? C.P. Goerz Rapid Paraplanat II

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    Re: Seized lens? C.P. Goerz Rapid Paraplanat II

    No, I haven't Gary but if you take a close look at the pics you'll see that if I tap the ring back it will "hit" a fixed and dented ring that serves as a grip for mounting on the lens board. The only way to get the ring off is taking off the front part of the lens (the part to the right in the first two pics).

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    Re: Seized lens? C.P. Goerz Rapid Paraplanat II

    Very often, external aperture rings are threaded onto male external threads on the barrel, I DO NOT suggest banging on it to try to move it forwards or backwards. Also, be careful what solvents you use as they may damage the varnish on the barrel.
    My suggestion is to try to get some (not too much) light oil into the interface between the ring and the barrel and wait a day, then see if you can turn the ring anti-clockwise towards the front of the lens. If it doesn't move, apply another drop of oil and wait another day.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rafan View Post
    Hello everyone,

    I've just got my hands on a pretty decent Goerz Rapid Paraplanat II which I'm eager to test but it has a major problem I can't figure out how to solve: the diaphragm ring doesn't turn...

    I took the only screw there is out in order to try to disassemble the lens and clean her up but there is no moving whatsoever of anything... I'm getting to the point in which I believe it's seized or something like that...

    The camera, lens and accesories have had little use and have been taken care of but this problem has taken me to a sudden stop...

    Any help would be great. Thanks!

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