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Thread: Hello from Spain

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    Hello from Spain

    Hello everyone,
    My name is Rafa and after a long time shooting 35mm and 6x7 I've finally decided to take the jump into LF. I could of gone the more "modern way" with an Intrepid or any other camera from the 50's up but the possibility to buy a very well taken care of (except for the bellows) camera bought in Paris' Universal Expo (not sure if 1900 or 1902) buy a marquis and kept in his family until today came and I had to go for it...
    The camera came fully equipped with three double plate carriers (13x18), two 4x5 adapters, glass trays, a bunch of family glass plate negatives (I'll print them and give them to the family as they know nothing of photography and would like to see the pictures), an accessory which I'll take pictures of and show you as I have no idea what it is (although I suspect it's some kind of "remote" control as the lens screws onto it and it has a sort of trip string and gears) and, finally, a C.P. Goerz Rapid Paranlanat II lens which is in quite good condition except for the fact that the diaphragm ring doesn't turn (I've taken the only screw out to try to disassemble it and nothing... I'll open up a specific post in the corresponding sub-forum to see what can be done).
    Hope to learn a lot from you and share how the journey goes with this new camera.

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    Re: Hello from Spain


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    Re: Hello from Spain

    Thank you Tin Can!

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    Re: Hello from Spain

    Hello, Rafa.

    My wife's ex-husband met a really nice lady over the internet. They ended up getting married, so he move to Spain to live with her in Madrid. He loves it there with all the history and all. He has shown us a lot of cell phone pictures of Madrid and other parts of Spain. It's a beautiful country so you have plenty of things to photograph!

    Post any questions you have about your camera or lens. I'm sure someone here will be able to help you. Welcome to the forum!


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