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Thread: Linhof Dekel Shutter History

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    Linhof Dekel Shutter History

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Trying to understand the history of the F Dekel COMPUR shutters...

    Perhaps the cameras are not with period correct shutters but it seems to show Compur's of the the Dial Set type (1934), then a Rim Set type (1936) and again the Dial Set (1946) followed by the Linhof branded Rim Set type (1957).

    So was the rim set sold at the same time as the Dial set as this image would indicate?

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    Re: Linhof Dekel Shutter History

    Dekel? Isn't that good ol' Friedrich Deckel?

    For the 1946 version - could it be that there wasn't much left of the factory, leaving only spare parts to make shutters out of?

    I think it is likely that there were different versions of the Compur shutter being sold at the same time.
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    Re: Linhof Dekel Shutter History

    Before the cameras Valetin LInhof made shutters that were see by companies like Zeiss, Kodak, Voigtlander, etc.
    When LInhof began to make cameras they sold their shutter business to a neighboring company, Freidriech Deckel. Today on Rupert Meyer Strasse in Munich off the middle ring road LInhof and Deckel are neighbors.
    The LInhof shutter eventually evolved into the Compur shutter and Deckel owned Prontor Werke who made all of the Compur and Prontor shutters.
    Rim set Compur shutters labeled LInhof are Compur made by Prontor Werke through their owner Deckel.

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    Re: Linhof Dekel Shutter History

    In his publication on Voigtländer large format lenses here:, Arne Cröll gives examples of the dial-set Compur being used for post-WW II lenses. He comments on page 3 that some of the Voightländer lenses required a Compur number 2 size shutter and that the rim-set version in this size wasn't introduced by Deckel until 1953. This makes me think that Deckel continued to make some dial-set Compurs after WW II. Further in this paper Arne comments that the 115 mm Ultragon, introduced in 1950, is mostly seen in the dial-set Compur 2 but a few rim-set versions existed.

    The SK Grimes website seems to generically apply number 2 as the size for dial-set Compurs, but see here: https://www.largeformatphotography.i...+Jena+15cm+3.5 Scrolling through this thread you'll find Ian's evidence that it's a bit more complicated.

    And as Jimi suggests, for the 1946 example of the Linhof, who knows what lens was available used, much less new, to use in the illustration.


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