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Thread: Info on Goerz Apo Artar 4-7/16 inch

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    Info on Goerz Apo Artar 4-7/16 inch

    In rummaging through some boxes from a closed facility I came across what appear to be brand new front and rear matching lens cells for a Goerz Apochromatic Artar 4-7/16 inch f9.5. Appear to be coated and the serial number is in the 79xxxx range. Is any one familiar with this lens ? For what format could it be used ? Also, in what shutter do you think it could be mounted ? The cells are small and very light weight.

    Appreciate any info or experience. Seems not to be much info readily or easily available.

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    Re: Info on Goerz Apo Artar 4-7/16 inch

    Hmm. I see that you're a long time lurker. Even so, you may not be aware of all of this site's resources. One that's hidden in a not particularly obvious place is "the list," a set of links to lens catalogs and more. It has links to an Artar catalog and to many sites that have information of shutters' sizes (tube diameters, lengths and threading). The first post in this https://www.largeformatphotography.i...mainly)-lenses discussion has a link to "the list."

    It may not be obvious, but Artars cover ~ 15% larger circles than claimed in the catalog's tables. Coverage at infinity is half coverage at 1:1. I'm sorry, but your lens isn't generally useful for large format, lacks coverage.

    As for shutters, although these lenses were sold in shutter there's no guarantee your cells will fit any shutter. Measure and look at the info on shutters' dimensions. I hope you get lucky.

    Good luck, have fun.

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    Re: Info on Goerz Apo Artar 4-7/16 inch

    Thanks muchly, Dan,

    I'll look through the references to see what may be of use. I suspect that I would probably need a custom job to mount it in the shutter. Looks like a Copal 0 might be a decent fit. I've seen practically no reference in any Artar data sheets to this specific focal length. I suspect it might be useful for 6x9 format, but probably not much larger. The search and adventure begins !

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