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Thread: Going Wide on 5x7

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    Going Wide on 5x7

    Hi folks, I recently shot a building on my RZ67 with its 50mm lens and I want to try and replicate the success on my 5x7. Turns out that my Heliar 21cm is way too long for the required distance and I'm looking for something that I can use to shoot buildings with in the (27mm*4.7) ~125mm variety.
    I mostly shoot portraits, and having something at that focal length could also double as a wide-ish portrait lens on 4x5 color negative.
    I'm wondering what folks would recommend for good skin tones that I can use for architecture in times of need!
    I'd keep to the Heliar family as I really do like the look out of the 21cm but my understanding is that 15cm Heliar doesn't cover 5x7

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    Re: Going Wide on 5x7

    A Fujinon-W 135mm f5.6 (inside writing) will cover 5x7 without much movement. Small, light, inexpensive, 46mm filter size.
    I'm sure someone will come along and suggest something better, but this is a start.

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    Re: Going Wide on 5x7

    90mm 45 Grandagon N MC or the Spo Grandagon covrper 57 easily.

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    Re: Going Wide on 5x7

    Each of the Big Four offered a lens that was designed for precisely this use-case:

    115mm Rodenstock Grandagon(-N)
    120mm Schneider Super-Angulon (or the older 121mm SA)
    120mm Nikkor-SW
    125mm Fujinon-SW

    Each offers ample room for movement on 5x7 and so is well-suited to architectural work, where corrections are often needed. Through they're a little bit large and heavy for 4x5, they're still within reason for use on that format as well.

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    Re: Going Wide on 5x7

    I'll second Mr. Grad's comment. I have an older (1957) 121/8 SA, and one like it would suit your purpose well. The newer multicoated versions might have more contrast than you want. And I think that it would be too wide for portraiture, but that's just me.
    The 90mm lenses Mr. Salomon mentions will also do well (especially for interiors) but will be seriously wide on 5x7. You might start with a 115/125 and see how you like it.
    I thought of my 135/6.3 Kodak Wide Field Ektar (for the 'classic' look) but it will barely cover 5x7 w/o camera movements.

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    Re: Going Wide on 5x7

    I have a 5x7 Sinar Norma new to me, I have only shot with it once. I used the 75mm F8 chrome Super Angulon to expose the entire image circle. If I ever do it again I will add the Schneider 75mm F8 Super Angulon center filter.

    I also have a Schneider 121mm F8 marked Sinar Norma, forward mounted with full Norma automation. This is the real deal for 5x7 moderate wide with great movements. Next up it's the Sinar Norma Schneider 165mm F8 chrome Super Angulon also full Norma automation.

    I'm looking forward to giving these a good go with Fuji HRU Xray film. 5x7 makes nice sized split-printed RC contact prints.

    Prices all over the place but I've seen these old chrome lenses go for very low prices. Figure in a good cleaning and you are set.

    First 5x7 Norma Test 75f8 SA CF E3 150F9 Aristo2 Perfection 3.5min by Nokton48, on Flickr
    “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”
    ― Mark Twain

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    Re: Going Wide on 5x7

    The 111 WA Dagor covers as should the 130 W Perigons.

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    Re: Going Wide on 5x7

    Schneider Super-Angulon XL 90mm f/5.6 MC... A physically large lens but covers my whole plate so would provide you with ample movements on your 5x7. Expensive one would think, but after looking around for one for about 6 months, I acquired one in mint condition in its original box for $500 and change (off eBay and I was the only bidder); and then a couple of weeks after getting mine, found another one FS for even less money!!! I think most people are put off by its size and seeing them put up FS for a grand plus. Thing is that yes the lens is large but unless one is backpacking it is not a deal breaker for me. And seeing ones put up FS for over a grand, one thinks that they are beyond one's budget. But after following several being offered for a grand plus, also saw that they did not sell for those prices.

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    Re: Going Wide on 5x7

    My Super-Angulon-type lenses for 5x7 wide-angle photography are 72mm f/5.6 SAXL w/filter, 90mm f/5.6 SAXL w/filter, 115mm f/6.8 Rodenstock Grandagon, and plasmat 135mm f/5.6 Rodenstock Apo-Sironar-S.

    The least covering power of these 4 lenses is held by the plasmat. The 72mm is equivalent to 15mm for 35mm full-frame film, the widest modern lens I know for 5x7.

    Best wishes --- Allen

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    Re: Going Wide on 5x7

    I use an f90mm Super Angulon with a center filter for 5 x 7. Works fine.

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