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Thread: Use 4x5 Beseler for smaller film?

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    Re: Use 4x5 Beseler for smaller film?

    Quote Originally Posted by AtlantaTerry View Post

    Back about 50 years ago when I was a working newspaper photojournalist, several of the papers used variable condenser head 4x5" Beseler enlargers for everything from 35mm to medium format to 4x5" negatives. It is a workhorse. I see you took it apart so be sure when it is assembled that everything is at right angles and parallel where it should be.

    If I were putting together a new darkroom I would not hesitate in having just one 4x5" Beseler or Omega variable condenser head enlarger for all the film formats I work with.

    No, I would not use a camera lens for an enlarging lens, even though it might be possible.
    Get a native focal length lens for each film format:
    50mm lens for 35mm film
    80mm or 90mm lens for medium format film
    150mm lens for 4x5" film

    If you look around, you can find some excellent deals on enlarging lenses so why compromise?
    Places to look for enlarging lenses and film carriers here in the Atlanta area:
    Wing's Camera (tell Mike I sent you)
    Quality Camera
    And PPR.

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    Re: Use 4x5 Beseler for smaller film?


    Of course, you are right about PPR here in Atlanta being a place to buy camera gear. But I just don't think of them as a place to go for used gear.


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    Re: Use 4x5 Beseler for smaller film?

    Another advantage of using a large machine for a small negative is the larger bellows will help to minimize flare.

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