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Thread: Grafmatic Back - How to Break 'Em?

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    Re: Grafmatic Back - How to Break 'Em?

    Some years ago on this forum there was a survey of many 4X5 film holders

    It was determined by accordance that Grafmatics had the best 'T' dimension stack up

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    Re: Grafmatic Back - How to Break 'Em?

    All good tips and issues covered here. I've got four but had to refurbish the seals on three of them. Very tricky but doable. I have also found that quality can vary with the ones made under licence by Wray in the UK.

    Oh, I hate it when I have purchased one to then discover the counter has been removed. Framing is never that precise especially if a sheet slips in the septum and it is useful to match them with notes.

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    Re: Grafmatic Back - How to Break 'Em?

    Is there any difference between a Grafmatic and the Fujifilm 45 Quick Changer?

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    Re: Grafmatic Back - How to Break 'Em?

    I have been using Grafmatic backs on my 4x5 exclusively for years. I even sold all of my regular holders after not using them for 10 or so years. A couple of success pointers that I can add or agree with are......
    The septums must hold the film. At the end of each side there is either a pressure clip or the side rail is bent or squeezed in to keep the film from sliding. If a blank sheet of film slips out with almost no pressure these clips Must somehow be adjusted.
    Keep the holders clean and lubricated. I use Lemon Pledge On the side rails. Yup.
    If you carry the holders loaded (backpack etc) Never pack them with the handles in the up position because if they get banged or jostled the film could slip in the septum. I always carry them on their sides or with the handles down protected.
    You can remove the counters with a small amount of disassembly without damaging the holder and the film will Always position correctly.
    I don’t know anything about the Fujifilm quick changer except that they are very expensive.
    Good luck and enjoy the ease of loading, size of holder for 6 sheets of film and speed of shooting (like for panoramas).

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