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Thread: Kaiser Copy stand question

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    Kaiser Copy stand question

    I'm hoping if Bob Solomon sees this he'd be willing to chime in.

    Looking at purchasing a Kaiser 60 inch counter balanced column, Catalog #: 204409 and attaching it to a 23 x 32 inch baseboard, Catalog #: 205519.

    I need the height of 60 inches to photograph some flat art that's nearly 30 x 40 inches. My question is if folks think that column on the baseboard without the wall mount securing the top would be enough to hold my a7r3 camera and 50mm F2.8 sony macro steady enough to got a perfectly sharp image. Don't have the budget for the wall mount and certainly don't have the budget for one of those table set ups...

    Many Thanks in advance

    also, I spent 40 minutes on the phone with Tech support, nice guys that tried to be helpful, but it turns out the US contact goes to MAC group, a company that deals with many other brands besides Kaiser, they were clearly not familiar with such a specific question. I emailed Kaiser in Germany but have not heard back yet.

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    Re: Kaiser Copy stand question


    I use a 10ft studio stand which beats all my store bought junk

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    Re: Kaiser Copy stand question

    Easily support it. We had people hanging monorail 45s on it.

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    Re: Kaiser Copy stand question

    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Salomon View Post
    Easily support it. We had people hanging monorail 45s on it.

    Thank you!

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