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Thread: Need densitometer reading

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    Need densitometer reading

    Anyone know of a lab I can send my 4x5 negative to so I can get a reading? Looking to find base plus fog negative value 0. Interestingly, I nave vision problems where I have trouble differentiating those very dark tones, so this would be a way for me to accurately establish my exposure / processing procedures.


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    Re: Need densitometer reading

    View camera store—Fred Newman
    Keith Pitman

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    Re: Need densitometer reading

    Do you have a spot meter. Place the negative in question over your spotmeter's lens. Every 1/3 of a stop the spotmeter reading drops represents 0.1 log d. Or every stop represents 0.3 log d.

    I think that in the "Fred Picker" years, finding the 1/3 of a stop with the older Weston meter was not so reliable. But with the advent of digital spot meters, the results should be identical to a densitometer reading. In fact my spot meter cost 3 times what I paid for my densitometer and the specs are better than my densitometer (if you believe the literature that came with the meter).

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    Re: Need densitometer reading

    If you pm me, and include an SASE, I'll give you my address and gladly read and return them to you.


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