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Thread: Bentzin Field Camera early 20th century

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    Re: Bentzin Field Camera early 20th century

    Quote Originally Posted by Renger-Patzsch Scholar View Post
    Hello, Friends—

    I am a university professor currently finishing a book about the German photographer Albert Renger-Patzsch and I have a question that I hope might benefit from the combined wisdom of this forum. I trust some of you may have heard of Renger-Patzsch as a key photographer of the New Objectivity (Neue Sachlichkeit).

    Renger-Patzsch Scholar
    As a "West Coast" photographer, I am indeed familiar with the photography of Renger-Patzsch. His work is often mentioned in conversations of Edward Weston, as they photographed with a similar purpose during the same period.

    In 1970 my father, Donald Ross, visited Renger-Patzsch's widow and daughter at the family home in Wamel with the hope of purchasing a selection of photographs. He was successful in purchasing Renger-Patzsch's last exhibition in its entirety (28 prints) from Frau Renger. He gifted the collection to the Friends of Photography in Carmel, who subsequently sold the collection to the University of California, Riverside.

    Good that you found the information you sought by visiting this forum. I look forward to your book when it becomes available.

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    Re: Bentzin Field Camera early 20th century

    Just a short follow-up!

    I made the following image for our very courteous OP!
    Not The sharpest of images, but perhaps OK in relation to it’s use as an illustration of a past event in 1911. It is always a problem in “posing” a camera - especially when only a single shot will be used. In relation to the text to which it is connected, I thought that a camera opened up and near portrait distance, ready to show the magic image on the ground glass.

    I have been bold enough to suggest that the “Goerz series IV” is a result a faulty memory mixed up with a long life as a photographer with encounters with many makers’ series IV!

    Although I have told the OP that it must be a mistake for the series III Goerz (DAGOR) which was Very common in 1911, I also said there was no series IV. Actually there was - and there is a single thread here in LFPF. Series IV was used for an f.9 process lens and a later f7.7 process DAGOR. Fortunately, it was made in large sizes only.
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    Re: Bentzin Field Camera early 20th century

    Yes, very large, i notice this monster

    Which has the wrong lens...

    obviously not my sale, nor am I shill

    But very interesting box regardless
    where is the monolith

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    Re: Bentzin Field Camera early 20th century

    Richard Bentzin was the father of Curt Bentzin. The son was the innovator, but his father was obviously a real craftsman.

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