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Thread: My new online gallery, blog and print store

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    My new online gallery, blog and print store

    Hey all, I've recently put together an online gallery, blog and print store, you can follow the link below to have a look:

    Most of the photos I've uploaded there are shot on film and a large chunk of those were on my 4x5. Everything developed, scanned and printed myself. In these crazy times I consider myself extremely fortunate to be 'locked in' to New Zealand, even without the ability to travel internationally I think I could never exhaust the beautiful landscapes of this country.

    And now here's a small selection of photos to get your attention.

    For a gallery of my work and to buy prints, please visit my website:

    Or for information about the Midtone Machines automatic film developer:
    Midtone Machines

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    Re: My new online gallery, blog and print store

    Very nice color work. Wish you well on sales.

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