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Thread: old Kodak chemistry

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    old Kodak chemistry

    Hi Guys
    I just picked up a whole bunch old Kodak and Ilford products I am assuming that age should not make a difference with these powdered packages, they were kept cool in a cupboard in a basement. but from the pricing, I am guessing inf 20 years old. Anybody have any experience using old powders?Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	207748 Prices were $2.25 to $3.50

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    Re: old Kodak chemistry

    Note the brown stains near the top of the two Dektol packages. That suggests oxidation- you can mix it up and see if it will work. If the Dektol mixes up dark brown, it's likely no good... as it's supposed have only a slight golden color when mixed. (However, there's a recent thread here that says brand-new Dektol mixes up dark brown and still works).
    The other chemicals *ought* to be still good, the only way to know is to try them.

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    Re: old Kodak chemistry

    I've seen people, not me, use Dektol that looked like coffee. I am careful about storage, but I would expect that most of it will work. Fill several smaller bottles to the top when storing the developer, oxygen is wicked stuff. My record was a Ektachrome kit 1st version, it was 60 years old sealed in metal cans, all dry powders. I got it to develop Fujichrome with decent results. I think if I would have had some "fresh" 60 year old Ektachrome sheet film it would have been stunning.
    Watch out for the Selectol Soft, it has sodium hydroxide, very caustic, doesn't keep well after mixing. The Dektol may not be good, but it's worth a try. It all looks rather well preserved. The sepia toner has 2 baths the second stinks from the sodium sulfide.

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    Re: old Kodak chemistry

    The real treasure may be the bottles of Spotone, if you are making silver prints. It lasts at least sixty years, trust me!

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    Re: old Kodak chemistry

    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Sampson View Post
    Note the brown stains near the top of the two Dektol packages.
    Doesn't look very worrying to me, because it seems to be the spot where the bags are punched to slide them onto sales stands. Likely during the packaging operations some powder ends up between the back and front of the bags even outside the actual storage compartment, and those traces then oxidized. I bet everything still works fine.

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    Re: old Kodak chemistry

    Well thanks guys I am going to give them a try.

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