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Thread: 8x10 Wide Angle Lenses for Still Life

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    Re: 8x10 Wide Angle Lenses for Still Life

    Image circle grows as the image circle moves towards 1 to 1 or life size. Essentially most any 210mm lens will cover 8x10 once the image on the ground glass-film is about equal to the object being photographed.

    More significant consideration would be lighting, taking aperture, bellows extension, camera stability lighting and all those "other" factors.

    Image taking aperture becomes a factor as once past f32-f45, the differences among LD lenses increasingly diminishes due to diffraction. Film flatness also becomes another serious issues as most table top-still life images involves some downward pointing of the VC to the objects being photographed. This can have a great tendency to move the film in holder out rather than flat inside the film holder.

    Many of these problem are easier by going down in film or imager size.


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    Re: 8x10 Wide Angle Lenses for Still Life

    I've been happy with the results from my Fujinon 210 (latest multicoated version). The results are as good as at infinity to my eye.

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