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Thread: Gitzo GT4553S Tripod -- Thoughts?

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    Exclamation Gitzo GT4553S Tripod -- Thoughts?

    Does anyone have a Gitzo GT4553S ?

    They seem to be very compact.

    I believe their predecessor was the Gitzo GT4552TS

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    Re: Gitzo GT4553S Tripod -- Thoughts?

    Borrowed one (may have been a GT4552TS, not sure) once and loved it. Presently use a G1325 and had a GT1541 which I gave to my son. If I were shopping for a tripod, especially for traveling, I would probably sell my G1325 towards getting a GT4553S, but am completely satisfied with my G1325 so can't justify spending the extra money to get a GT4553S. Larger G1325 permanently resides in the back of my car so getting a more compact GITZO not really necessary.

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    Re: Gitzo GT4553S Tripod -- Thoughts?

    For carry-on luggage in the U.S. you could probably get a slightly longer when folded tripod. The international specs seem to be shorter, making the GT4553S one of the few that would fit.

    I haven't used the GT4553S (or similar short models) but I'm very happy with either Gitzo or RRS. Folded length, max height, and max load determining the model and brand I carry. Five leg sections are slower to use but I don't think they affect stability.

    I have a Novoflex Triobalance that I really like for SLR's but it probably wouldn't handle a very big/heavy LF camera. I normally carry a small SLR with my LF camera so I like tripods that are 60+ inches tall.

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    Re: Gitzo GT4553S Tripod -- Thoughts?

    I have one, itís awesome. Since I use multiple tripod heads I can change between them without tools and take the head off to make it shorter when putting it in a carry on. Obviously being a Gitzo itís very well built and can handle a ton of weight.


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    Re: Gitzo GT4553S Tripod -- Thoughts?

    I have a gt3530s which I think is the same size as the gt1325, besides one of the leg locks stripping out once and having to send it in for repair, I've been very satisfied.

    By removing the head and placing the legs in a $50 Bogan 3280 tripod bag – I've been able to carry it on many dozens of domestic and international flights with no problem.

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    Re: Gitzo GT4553S Tripod -- Thoughts?

    Personally Iíve moved to Leofoto. Consider their LS-365C which is pretty similar to the Gitzo, but also 1 lb lighter (thereís other options). They get good reviews from Significantly cheaper.

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