I have been busy, but just tested the 1996 X-RITE 331C DENSITOMETER in like new condition, all documentation included with the very handy AC charger adapter Looks like original rechargeable batteries

First null or zero unit, push a button labeled NULL !

Then using the original included step wedge with OE calibration readings from 1996 in ink pen, my reading today match

Next to check if X-RITE 383 SENSITOMETER works, which is less a concern as I have a Stouffer Step wedge and could burn my my own

All made in USA

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Great pickup.

What I do is to test all my 'working' film/developer combinations for baseline. Then, when some "unknown to me" film or developer comes along I can compare the new stuff to the known stuff in the comfort my darkroom (with the sensitometer/densitometer) before going outside to do the in-camera tests.