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Thread: Lantern Slides

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    Lantern Slides

    Fascinate me, I most likely saw projections of them in the 50's but I was young and forgot.

    I have a couple and have posted them here some time ago

    Been looking at Magic Lantern Projectors for years, but I am a hack, meaning I will not buy expensive antiques to use a few times

    More likely to make one from parts I have. A few Lantern slides, any lens that works. have a NOS Lantern Slide Plate holder so I can make one...

    for some odd reason I cannot correct the video start point, U will need to rewind...

    Early today I found this very good film on How to Make Lantern Slides which has good tips on the edge tape procedure

    Anybody else?

    I already do rear illumination of ULF slides
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    Re: Lantern Slides

    I got some lantern slides, a few.

    Some of them in my Laplander, MayDay and other collections. One is the multi view painted with 5 or 6 views long.

    Here is one from the Laplanders

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Laplanders magic lantern slide D.D.Teoli Jr. A.C..jpg 
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    I see some magic lantern projectors now and again on eBay. I'm not interested. No room and low budget. Had to cut way back once virus hit.

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    Re: Lantern Slides

    I also have that slide and I posted it here, somewhere, recently

    I am going to, one of these years, convert an enlarger I have to wall projection with a powerful LED

    5X7 Elwood most likely!

    Then make my own big slides

    I have tried before with an old Beseler wall projector, but I didn't like results, it was made for rolls of transparency back in the day when we had better eyes....

    This is most like mine

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