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Thread: How to attach bellows?

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    How to attach bellows?

    I am attempting a bit of a DIY camera and am looking to get some bellows made from Custom Bellows in the UK. Through discussions with them, they state that they only make the bellows, not the frames.

    As I am not sending in any existing frames, am just wondering what the different techniques for attaching bellows to the camera might be?

    Am seeing some newer cameras like the Cambo (digital)

    and the Stenopeika have magnetic frames on either end of the bellows....

    Is this possible for a DIY build? What other options exist?

    Look forward to hearing your thoughts

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    Re: How to attach bellows?

    Nails, tacks, glue, screws, sliding retaining lever are the methods I have used. Never heard of magnets in this use, I'd be too afraid of it coming undone unexpectedly.

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    Re: How to attach bellows?

    I asked Custom Bellows what adhesive to use to attached a new set of bellows to a Gandolfi. They suggested impact adhesive - EvoStick - and its held fine for over 2 years so far. Cheap and effective.

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    Re: How to attach bellows?

    My Chamonix has a plate at each end of the bellows, and on the front it uses a drop-in ledge (bottom) and a sliding graflok style bar (top).

    The rear of the bellows has a similar ledge at the bottom, and two small (but long) machine screws through the frame, with knurled discs on the head. The threads press up against the plate and hold the top of the plate in place.


    Not that I'm particularly suggesting it, but since you seem to be looking for ideas, there's a couple different ones.

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    Re: How to attach bellows?

    Thanks for all the replies, much appreciated!

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