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Thread: difference in heliars

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    difference in heliars

    It's been a while but I'm getting back in LF and I'm interested in buying a heliar. Can someone explain the difference between older and newer heliars to me? Should I avoid older heliars? Does it matter? I can't find a lot of information about them other than the fact that people like them and I also like the photos I've seen taken by them.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: difference in heliars

    Use google site search of this site. Lots of good info already shared.
    Tracy Storer
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    Re: difference in heliars

    thus... google: heliar site:

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    Re: difference in heliars

    If you find a dead link then check

    Changes are that it is archived.

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    Re: difference in heliars

    See A Short History of the Heliar Lenses

    I've never seen anyone do a rigorous Heliar-only study where they shoot an unchanging subject under unchanging conditions and simply change the lens - but having made photos with a few Heliar lenses, I would refer you to our own Christopher Perez's study of out-of-focus rendition of non-Heliar lenses, since the principles are the same.

    See "Out of Focus Rendition Studies" at

    Here are some questions to keep in mind when comparing:

    Given that a lens renders in-focus areas with adequate sharpness, what happens in front of and behind the plane of sharp focus: are optical aberrations over-corrected or under-corrected ?

    What do under-, over-, and properly corrected aberrations look like ? As we stop down the lens, do the aberrations go away ?

    How far do we have to stop-down a given lens before aberrations are controlled ? Do all lenses behave the same once we reach a certain aperture, or are there some which never lose their aberrations no matter what we do ?

    Do some lenses have controls which let us vary the aberrations, independent of aperture ?

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