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Thread: Film holder question for F&S 12x20

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    Film holder question for F&S 12x20

    I have 4 AWB 12x20 filmholders. They each have the 'proud' rib that runs the length of the short side. Will these work with a standard F&S 12x20?


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    Re: Film holder question for F&S 12x20

    An unmodified F&S 12x20 needs holders with a groove rather than the rib that's typical of other brands.

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    Re: Film holder question for F&S 12x20

    If you have the 4 holders (especially the nice AWB holders), it is better to modify the camera.

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    Re: Film holder question for F&S 12x20

    What Karl said...

    Several years ago I modified my F&S 12x20 to accept modern holders (mine are S&S). I cut a groove in the back using a router to accommodate the rib lock on the holder.

    That operation was not for the faint of heart, I can assure you! It required making a jig which fit snugly into the back of the camera and provided a fence against which to move the router. I started off with a very shallow cut before working to my intended depth.

    The resulting modification works very well. I still only have three holders for that camera. But they each fit perfectly. :-)

    The only downside is that the amount of wood that I removed for the groove didn't reduce the weight of the camera enough to make it any easier to carry!
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