@reddesert Thanks for the tips! I'll get some steel wool then, I don't want to damage the camera.

That second plate you point out is the best one. On the bottom of the C1 is two holes, 1/4-20 and 3/8-16. Since that Kessler comes with both, I could screw into both on the bottom of the C1 which would give it a more solid attachment. It would be a just a little over-sized which would likely make it easier to slide onto the Z2+. I think initially that would get me going using the camera without relying on that tiny arca plate that I'm currently using. I'll have to make sure I have the tension dialed in on the head before I start making movements! Down the road apiece I can make the decision on whether to get something that would manage the camera a little better, like a Majestic, Ries or Gitzo 3-way. I've been thinking about getting a cinema head for my video gear. The one I'm looking at supports 26 pounds...they have handles....hmmm.. Quiet on the set! Large format camera coming through!