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I have a TK 45S, and was talking about it with Austin Calhoon at Laflex Camera Service, who specializes in Linhof cameras and other gear (and was suggested to you as a repair service option above). This was when I was buying another (beautifully) refurbished Linhof studio camera from Austin, but he mentioned that one of the things you NEVER want to do with the TK45 or 45S is somehow damage either the front, or rear, main L-shaped brackets that form and support the film and lens standards. If you damage them somehow so they need to be replaced, those parts are hard to get and cost about $2K (each I think) for new replacement parts. One of these 45S cameras in really nice used condition can be purchased for around $1.5K, so if you were to somehow damage your rear standard so that it became bent or misshapen, then you've effectively ruined your 45S (or turned it into a parts donor). I'd follow Mr. Salomon's advice and send it either to Bob Watkins, or Austin Calhoon at Laflex.
Be aware, it is very easy to adjust tension on the shift and focus. It is very tricky to adjust the rise/fall on either standard and, unless you know what you are doing, a part will fly out and you will not get it back in.