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Thread: Shot abandonment

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    Re: Shot abandonment

    I have plenty of shots that I've abandoned once I've seen the contact proof.
    They sit in the box, reminding me of my failures, when I go through my proofs looking for pictures to print. There's no shortage of these, by the way.
    I've forgotten the ones that I abandoned before exposing any film, as there's no evidence...

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    Re: Shot abandonment

    Looking at the GG, sure. Once the dark slide is pulled - not so much. I like poker and sometimes you just have to play it with your Tachihara! I lose more often than not but I don't mind that.

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    Re: Shot abandonment

    An analogy:

    You're searching eBay for that photographic doohickey. After several hours of random browsing you find something at the right price, and from a highly rated seller. They Buy-it-Now button is just begging to be clicked, but there's a sudden feeling of remorse that holds you back. After all, you've got at least 15 of these things sitting a box, never to see the light of day.

    The crunch comes when you ask yourself if this photographic cliché is really worth the $$ to depress the cable release plunger? There's nothing wrong with it, but it's still just a Toyota Corolla.

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    Re: Shot abandonment

    Quote Originally Posted by h2oman View Post
    Ah, Jim Kitchen! When you found the tripod holes were you also blessed with amazing clouds, or did they leave with him?
    Yes, big sky clouds of Alberta and distant snowy peaks. And in the far distance, the shimmering mirage of a photographer, always staying just ahead of me, but leaving behind tantalizing evidence of his ongoing LF work, and hope for his return…

    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Sampson View Post
    I've forgotten the ones that I abandoned before exposing any film, as there's no evidence.
    Same here, most often I have no field notes of shot abandonment. No notes, no evidence. So I'll tend to forget these subjects, as they recede into the hazy distance of memory.

    Occasionally, however, I will take field notes, esp. if I think the subject possesses great potential for another try on another day. For example: location, time of day, light conditions, Pentax light readings – and then, reason for abandonment.

    My notes might be a summary of abandonment, but they're also a scouting report. ;^)

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