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Thread: NuArc 26 K plate burner

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    NuArc 26 K plate burner

    I'm considering purchasing a Nu Arc plate burner. I know these have been around for awhile but I know very little about them. What should I ask about and look for to make sure I'm getting a unit that is not going to break down a week after I get it?

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    Re: NuArc 26 K plate burner

    M&R is a company that sells and has parts ... I would try talking with them .. I have three nuarcs. they are great

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    Re: NuArc 26 K plate burner

    The Nu Arc 26 1ks is a solid performer. You may also want to research the Amerigraph v28 1200 plate burner.
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    Re: NuArc 26 K plate burner

    The trick is finding one within a decent driving distance and at a fair price. They range from free to ridiculous. A 26 being an older unit (mercury) I would not pay more than $200 for it if in good working condition. If it’s a 26 ks (metal halide) it’s worth more. I paid $500 for mine a nine hours drive away.

    Make sure the bulb lights up and that as it counts down, the time gets faster (shorter) as the bulb heats up so the photo detector is working. Also make sure tha vacuum pump works and produces a vacuum! You can get a manual from M&R or if you pm me your Email, I'll send you one.
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