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Thread: Discontinuing an e-Bay Sale . . .How?

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    Re: Discontinuing an e-Bay Sale . . .How?

    There seems to be a shift in design philosophy in many fields. Some things as simple as food packaging or food storage containers frustrate me. Not because I have crippling arthritis (I have it but not bad), it often seems c that the opening or closure of a container is frustratingly counter intuitive to me.

    Computers too can be frustrating. This thread shows that. In 2007, I attended a residential school for blind adults ( I am legally blind/ visually impaired). While there, I had several m onths of training in Windows XP. I got pretty good at that. Windows Vista and Windows-10 are a mystery that I just fumble around with. I remember when e-Bay was just a message board. Now its a machine that sucks money out of me even if I don't sell an item . . .which doesn't seem quite right, but there it is. . . .and camera shows are just nostalgic memories.

    Well, again my thanks to everyone for helping me out on e-Bay. The cabinet has a few vacant spots. Hoiping for more later.
    Drew Bedo

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    Re: Discontinuing an e-Bay Sale . . .How?

    Just bought a 2020 Subaru Forester - the darn engine stalled at a red light on the way home - turns out that is a "feature". At 62 I honestly don't need any more "features" in my life.

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