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Thread: 11x14 Holder Fit - Ritter to Chamonix

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    11x14 Holder Fit - Ritter to Chamonix

    I’ve always been under the impression that 11x14 is the last “standardized” holder size.

    I have a few Ritter holders and wanted to see if anyone here using a Chamonix 11x14 had any issues using their camera with non-Chamonix holders?

    I have dimensions from Hugo but at this present time I only have a rough carpenters metric tape, so it’s close but I can’t really nail down an exact measurement with this method.

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    Re: 11x14 Holder Fit - Ritter to Chamonix

    "Film Holders Critical Dimensions"

    URL from Richard Ritter website

    Chamonix seems to have no specs

    I bought a new Chamonix 11X14 camera about 4 years ago after discovering by online research my Richard Ritter holders were an exact fit BEFORE I bought

    When I received the new camera they fit perfectly

    I sold the Chamonix later as I found I did not need such a shiny new camera, I sold it to a member here

    I bought an old 11X14 and still use my RR holders

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    Re: 11x14 Holder Fit - Ritter to Chamonix

    11x14 is an ANSI standard. Richard's holders have been interchangeable with the Fidelity holders I have, as well as holders I have purchased from Pierre & Filip. Older wooden holders may have been made before the standard and only fit their respective cameras; Folmer & Korona come to mind.
    Call Richard and discuss with him; he is very accessible and friendly.

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