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Thread: Troubleshooting, or What the Hell Is That?

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    Re: Troubleshooting, or What the Hell Is That?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ari View Post
    I'm worried that one day I may actually perfect this process.
    Practice makes perfect. Most, but not all, will eventually be making very good plates. Perfection it hard to attain, There are about 37 steps to do that can all mess up a plate. I don't think I ever mastered all of them. Sandarac varnish for example, is very hard to make flawless. So I moved to synthetics. Tearing the emulsion with the dark slide can be overcome by very careful handling of the plate and slide, and having a good holder. But I still sometimes tear a small part, especially with old collodion. I guess that's the key: eventually you KNOW what is causing every problem. You just decide and triage which to work on, which to ignore.

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    Re: Troubleshooting, or What the Hell Is That?

    The single change I made that led to near-perfect Sandarac varnish every time was: using a toaster oven. Prewar the plate at about 225F for 40 seconds, pour the Sandarac, drain, and return it to the toaster for 2.5 minutes or so. It’s so easy, and the results are almost always excellent.

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    Re: Troubleshooting, or What the Hell Is That?

    Sounds good, I may try it. I know my main problems with Sandarac: not filtering the dust enough. I use a pour off bottle, but it seems you have to filter it even if it sits in a bottle for 6 months unopened. You also must varnish as soon as the plate dries. If you wait a day or two, pits. Other than that, most of my sandarac plates look good. And it sure lasts...I have one mounted outside on my porch that has been there about a decade. Still shiny and clear.

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