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Thread: Cambo to Linhof Lens Board Adapter

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    Cambo to Linhof Lens Board Adapter

    Hi there,

    recently I got hold of a nice Cambo SCX 8x10 but most of my lenses are mounted to a Linhof Technika board. Adapters are 160 used, so I set out to design my own for laser cutting & 3d-printing.
    To keep costs low, I had to avoid milling. Instead, three parts will be glued together together (2x metal, 1x plastic) to get a good fit and proper light trap.

    What I am stuck with though, is designing an easy mechanism to lock the board in place.
    On the Image you see in dark-green what these mechanisms usually look like. I could laser cut that part, but that adds more the the total bill, than I am willing to pay for 1x5 cm of thin metal.

    Do you have any suggestions? Can something like that be manufactured by hand without expensive tools? I have a drill and a dremel but no stand.

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