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Thread: Photographers like Bill Viola

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    Photographers like Bill Viola

    Back in the last century when I was finishing my BFA in sculpture, I saw an exhibition by Bill Viola at the museum of contemporary art in Boston, and it has stuck with me for 25 odd years, especially “The Greeting”.

    Looking for other artists like this, I’m not sure what about it intrigues me, but maybe it reminds one of you of someone else that you can point me towards.

    Thanks in advance, ad

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    Re: Photographers like Bill Viola

    Cool, bookmarked.
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    Re: Photographers like Bill Viola

    Last year we saw some video portraits at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art by Susie J. Lee. Here's a video that features the portraits towards the end. As I remembered them, the portraits were running in slow motion. They don't seem to be in this video but they were certainly memorable. As you stood in front of one (thinking it was a still photo) the subject would slowly blink or turn their head.


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