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Thread: Hello from St. Louis

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    Hello from St. Louis

    Greetings everyone:

    I would like to reach out to any LF photographers in the area. I am familiar with 35mm but new to LF. I have some gear and finishing up on my darkroom since recently moving. I am ready to start making mistakes and learning from them. My interest is B&W, landscape / city scape. Also interested in some table top setups, but am weak on how to light indoors. Looking forward to being part of this community.


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    Re: Hello from St. Louis

    Hello Neighbor Fred!

    I also live in the St. Louis area. I live in Brentwood and am just south of the St. Louis Galleria.

    I don't do any table top work except for eBay with a digital camera and light tent. Studio strobes with soft boxes would be nice. With portraiture you need a lot of light at once so you need powerful strobes which are expensive. Since your subjects are still, you can use multiple bursts from less powerful and less expensive strobes. You can also use hot lights instead of strobes. You will still need diffusion to tame your shadows. There are people on the forum who can give you a lot better advice on this subject than I can. Do your research before spending money!

    Welcome to the forum!


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