Just ordered a "factory reconditioned" Excalibur Food Dryer. Unit has 9 15" x 15" drying screens/racks, Adjustable thermostat 105 to 165 degrees, and a 7" fan. Am planning on using it to dry coated alternative process papers. I'm sure I will have to construct some kind of plenum to exit the air from the dehydrator to a 6" round duct to the outside of my house, no big deal. Presently I have an 11" x 11" darkroom exit fan in the wall behind where I coat my papers, but I have found it to be rather inefficient for exiting the air over several coated sheets of paper. Tried adding on an in-duct 6" fan, but its fan was less powerful than the fan inside the darkroom exit fan. Has anyone else used a Food Dryer to dry coated papers?